Yoga for Beginners Workshop with Annabelle, Sunday, Oct 10th, 13:00 – 15:00

Dates & Times

  • Sunday, October 10, 2021
  • 13:00 – 15:00

About this workshop

This workshop is right for you no matter if you are beginning your yoga journey or if you have been doing yoga already and you want to refresh your skills in the fundamental techniques and tools of yoga. Come explore the yoga ‘essentials’ in a fun and supportive workshop focused on providing those beginning their yoga journey with a solid foundation to build on.


  • CHF 40 regular price
  • FREE if you have a membership at the time of the workshop




Annabelle began taking yoga classes in an attempt to increase her flexibility to benefit her much loved AcroYoga. She soon became hooked when she experienced much greater benefits to yoga than just the physical aspect. For her yoga provided much needed stress relief, clarity of mind and an overall feeling of contentment and happiness. As a primary school teacher she has adopted many techniques in the classroom to help children focus and be more mindful of their actions. Keen to deepen her knowledge of yoga, she signed up for the 200 hour yoga teacher training with Martin Becker where she became very passionate about the benefits of yoga and inspired many of her friends to practise regularly.


  • We will spend time on the fundamental poses and sequences you’ll find at the core of most yoga classes, such as downward facing dog, warrior poses and sun salutations, so you feel confident and prepared to take the next step.
  • We will also cover topics central to growing a solid yoga practice: tips for alignment and modifications to suit your body; connecting breath and movement; and techniques for relaxation and quieting the mind

What to bring

  • Just your yoga clothes
  • A towel in case you tend to sweat easily
  • Everything else is there and included in the price (mats etc.)

Registration & Cancellation

  • English (main) & German
  • Especially for beginners – all levels welcome.
  • Modifications and preparation exercises will be offered for all levels – no matter if you are totally new or already quite advanced.
  • Please note: in case of cancellation, you will receive a voucher to participate in the workshop at a different date – the workshops are held on a regular basis. No cash refunds.


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