Your First Time?

Do I have  to register or sign up for classes? No, totally easy and uncomplicated – just come to the class that you want to take, this means you do not need to call us or send us an email to register or sign up for any classes. Which classes are suitable for beginners? All classes marked as “all levels” can be attended also by beginners. Find the schedule here. Do I have to buy a membership? No. You can just pay for the class you want to attend. No membership required. You find the prices here. What do I have to bring? […]


About Agnes Agnes Lonska. Agnes took her first yoga class in Kerala, India while travelling there for business in 2009. Initially she was attracted to the physical aspect of yoga and treated it as an alternative to practicing sports, but she quickly realized how much the meditative and spiritual aspects were influencing her life, to the extent that yoga became a passion, so she started practicing yoga regularly, mainly in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow style. Agnes discovered yoga at just the right time in her life. Not only during a time when she needed it most, being overstressed and frustrated at […]


About Annabelle Annabelle began taking yoga classes in an attempt to increase her flexibility to benefit her much loved AcroYoga. She soon became hooked when she experienced much greater benefits to yoga than just the physical aspect. For her yoga provided much needed stress relief, clarity of mind and an overall feeling of contentment and happiness. As a primary school teacher she has adopted many techniques in the classroom to help children focus and be more mindful of their actions. Keen to deepen her knowledge of yoga, she signed up for the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Niyama where she […]