Frequently Asked Questions for Beginners

  • How often should I do Yoga?  While coming once per week is better than nothing, realistically, you need to come at least 2x per week over a period of 3 months to notice significant sustainable changes. If you come only once per week, the risk is that you might feel relaxed afterwards, but you say: “Well, it is nice and relaxing, but my body does not really change.”
  • Which classes are taught in English? Which in German?  For each class, the teachers decide  in which language they will teach the class based on the participants. As we usually have a very international audience, most classes are taught in simple English. This means you can also attend the class if you do not speak English on a regular basis. In case something is not clear, the teacher will explain it to you – no problem at all 🙂
  • Do I have to buy a membership? Do I have to sign up for classes?  No. If you want, you can pay for each class that you attend separately in cash without any membership. You do not have to sign up for classes, this means you do not have to tell us in advance that you want to come to a class. Just come and enjoy!
  • What is Yin Yoga? Yin Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga that focuses on releasing stress and tension in body and mind. The poses are held between 3 and 10 minutes, mostly seated positions or lying on the mat.
  • Which kind of Yoga classes should I attend?  As a beginner, you can attend all classes that are marked “all levels” on the schedule.
  • Do I have to get my own Yoga mat?  No. The mats and all equipment at the studio are there for you to use free of charge, i.e. included in the price.
  • Where can I buy Yoga equiptment at good prices?  We order the equipment for the yoga studio at a Swiss provider that offers better prices compared to buying the equipment at a store. Which equipment is right for you depends on where you do yoga – primarily at home or when you are traveling:
Equipmentfor homefor travel
Matsclick hereclick here
Blocksclick hereclick here
Blanketsclick herejust use a larger towel
Beltsclick hereclick here
  • I cannot always come to the yoga studio twice per week – what else can I do? You can use the following 25-minute sequences that were produced by Martin (language: English). Before you do yoga with these videos, you should attend one of our workshop for beginners at the studio and get all the required equipment (mat, blocks, blanket, belt). You find the videos here.

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